Monday, June 17, 2013

The very simple principles of Excellence in Service and You

Don´t you love vacations?

What is it about a good hotel where everybody is attentive to your every little desire and or need that makes you feel special?

If you are a connoisseur or an experienced world traveler, you already know that this is because it is in their job description to be happy to serve you.  Personnel at these places serve with a smile on their faces, they make you feel welcome and their goal is to leave you longing for the time you will comeback.  Especially if you go to a 4 or 5 stars place, where this kind of service is expected.

It is not only the service but the quality of it.

Now what would happen if you bring that experience to businesses other than the hospitality industry?

No… I don’t mean turning your business into a hotel or a tourist attraction… That would be preposterous!!!

But I definitively believe that every single employee in your organization or mine, should know, believe, breathe and act according to the simple principle that: Good manners will get you far...

Another principle would be that: Our work serves others because after all, unless we are castaways in an island, most times we are doing something for someone else, you may want to consider delivering something of good quality while at it.. it may be the report you were ask to do or the spreadsheet with all sorts of calculations.

And when I say every employee in your organization I mean every single one, independent contractor, subcontractor, CEO, manager, building maintenance employee, administrative assistants, project managers, programmers, clerks … EVERYBODY.

If your business is in the line of interfacing with general public, this is then mandatory, because a bad review or many of them can cost you your business.  A good one or many of them can be translated into more customers and more money.

Businesses that understand these principles strive when this is accompanied with a good quality product, business that fail to understand this, well… are missing out a lot.

If you are still unconvinced about the benefits of good customer service or customer care (internal or external), try it next time you can, you may even start with a smiley: “Hello, how can I help you?”

After all, everybody likes to be treated nicely.

Have a nice day