Friday, July 29, 2016

Resilience... Are you up for a small challenge?

Recently, inspiration has struck me with a word that my mind cannot escape: RESILIENCY

What does it mean to be Resilient?

I didn’t know the word until 10 years ago. Never heard it before.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it is: "the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens"

For many of us Resilience might come in different, shapes, sizes and intensity, depending on our capacity to withstand obstacles in life and our philosophical bend.

And why am I thinking of this?

Well, The world is and always has been a very convoluted place.

In 40 long something years in it, I’ve contemplated my Grandmother tell me that yesteryears were better, and then my Mother who's now is the age that my Grandmother had when she told me that phrase, says the same thing… Nothing like the good old days.

But wait a minute, I was there… and things are clearly different now from my Mother and Grandmother's times, this means I am living the better times of the future RIGHT NOW. Nothing new here.

Let me give you a glimpse into it...

Where I live, the Economy is in turmoil, where I come from (different country) the standard of living is very, very, very bad…worse in comparison to where I live now.

Where I live, many have emigrated to other cities, states or countries… and I get it. Sometimes I am tempted to do the same. SERIOUSLY… With all the bad news that the “so called” media spreads everyday to sell more… I would run to the hills.

But here is the thing:

You have to believe in yourself and your ability to overcome obstacles.

No, no… I am not telling anyone not to do what they consider best for their future.

And that may be, moving to another place, staying, or something in between (when you have 2 places and you travel back and forth).

The choice is only yours (it always has been).

But after you make the decision wherever you are, REMEMBER: you depend on your faith in yourself to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.

And it will depend on your personal situation:

You might not want to face the challenges of economical turmoil, so you move to new challenges, those that you feel that you can handle better… and that is fine.

Or you might live in a place where food and medication are scarce, and if you have the choice, you move to new challenges, that will require a HUGE adaptation, all for the sake of a better living.

Make no mistake... you will face challenges wherever you go.

You might choose or be forced by circumstances to stay where you are… that is ALSO fine.

In any of those cases you will face challenges and obstacles…

NOW, … Your attitude towards them will determine your resilience…

My Advice?

Don’t try to tackle all at once... for instance...
Example 1:
Money from your paycheck is not lasting as it did before, and you start to worry about the mortgage, the car payment, the utilities… and them credit cards…

And I say this with the following disclaimer:
1) I am not a financial advisor nor fitness expert, I am just using common sense (I think).
2) You might say it’s not fair but, remember you have to work with the situation at hand, you are trying to fix your finances, not the country’s... that is a different battle.

Review your expenses, see where you can make cuts, things that you’re paying for, that you don’t really need or you can do without.
Make a new budget, that would allow you and your significant other (teamwork), fulfill your financial obligations.

Example 2:
You have this health condition and your health provider advised that you have to exercise more and yes, loose some weight…UGH!!!
Remember what I said? Don’t try to tackle all at once? Start small… Don’t go running (or walking) to the gym and get a membership, that ultimately is going to turn into a donation (to the gym). Don’t set yourself for failure… Baby steps. Walk around your nearest park, for free, 15 minutes every day for 21 days… Just to make it a habit and see if you can commit. Once that is completed you might enjoy it and move to something a little bit more challenging.

Small and achievable goals, give you the confidence to move to something deeper, bigger and before you know it, you are getting better at being resilient.

Suggestion 3:
And this is the important part after making your adaptation to the situation at hand… Check your progress and state the course.
For example 1: Review your budget frequently, weekly or daily, to see if you stuck to it... you might be able to start saving after all... who knows, right?
For example 2: Mark your 21 days in the calendar for every day you went walking… try to make them consecutive days, though

One last thing: If by any chance you are facing both challenges depicted in Example 1 and 2 at the same time... again: Don’t tackle all at once… pick one and work with it. You don’t have to do what I suggested in each example, you can add your own spin but start small…

Those who are able to adapt, can later tell the story of how they faced economical turmoil, weight loss, or whatever personal challenge you are in right now.

I believe that is a way to Resiliency…

I'd like you to watch this video from 2012 about everyday Happiness and Resilience..

--- Do you have an example of resilience that you want to share? Share it in the comments section, you might be providing good and better advise :-)